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Mr. Darin Hannum

Welcome to the 2022-23 School year at Bainville Public Schools.  The staff has worked diligently to provide a clean and welcoming environment for learning.  Our staff is excited to resume the process of educating our students for lifelong success.  

The backbone to all of the success of Bainville Public Schools is the hard work of the Board of Trustees and the staff at the school. During my first year at Bainville Schools I have witnessed a group of individuals who work extremely hard and have put the wellbeing of our students first. In the turmoil of many school districts, Bainville has risen above the mess and developed a school system driven to provide the opportunities for students to thrive in school and in their adult lives. The energy, pride and effort of the staff is inspiring. I would like to commend the group of individuals and remind them to keep making their bed and keep being the guiding lights for the students of Bainville Schools. Students at Bainville School have been provided phenomenal opportunities in the areas of educational interventions. The staff at Bainville have been trained and continually updated on the use of MTSS educational and behavioral monitoring. The monitor allows the staff to provide appropriate educational interventions to either assist students in meeting grade level expectations to receiving educational enrichments to meet their individual needs. As our students progress into the high school level, students are given a plethora of educational opportunities to enhance their education. Our college and technical programs in business and agricultural education allow our students to dig deep into career programs and work based programs. Many students build on the foundations laid by our teachers by taking extension courses in the Montana digital classroom as well as taking the opportunity to take dual credit and college level courses to move quickly into college programs and save time and money towards their degrees or helping them to acquire job skills to hit the job field running. The last two years of COVID have been extremely challenging for the world of education. The bright spots of the pandemic have been the jump starts with flexibilities and learning tools that have been provided to our classrooms. Students have been given more comprehensive skills in digital technology and communication tools. Zoom and similar meeting formats have fostered communications with students, staff and adults around the globe.   The possibilities of working with people with diverse backgrounds and experiences has provided opportunities for students to deep dive into diverse cultures, ethnic backgrounds as well as different climate regions. Along with Zoom students tutoring and educational extension materials have ballooned over the last several years to provide students with a variety of opportunities once impossible to achieve.

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Darin Hannum