• RR

      Renee Rasmussen

    Wanted to say a heart felt thank you to all of you who have made my nine years here at BPS such a great time.  All my best to the Bulldog community.

    If you've found your way to this page, welcome!  Located in northeastern Montana in the Bakken Oil Formation, Bainville Public School serves an ever increasingly diverse student population.  BPS is a welcoming school, drawing newcomers, and those returning home after many years, into a busy, active academic educational institution. I am fortunate to say I have gotten to serve the school and community where I graduated from high school.   It was a more than 25 year absence, but we are just starting our ninth year together. Go Bulldogs!

    Even though the school has tripled its student population in the last 15, it still manages to offer that small school attention to each student, an achievement of which we are very proud.  Parents of newcomers and parents of those who have always claimed Bainville as home gather together for activities and events, mixing and making friends of the just met at a speed mimicking that of the oil patch itself.
    Bainville Public School has a proud tradition serving its historic agricultural roots with a vibrant Vo-Ag program.  Added to that is a newer but impressive business program.  We also offer a traditional college prep program, as well as teachers in both music and art for all K-12 students. We are proud of our reputation of offering a quality education for all out students.  We continually look for ways to serve the students you've intrusted to us in a better and better fashion.
    Again, welcome.  We look forward to meeting you and  your family.