• The wellness committee is required to do a report/update to the board every three years on our wellness policy number 2510. It can be found in the policy section of the webside under "School Wellness".  This last year there has been much communication with parents as we have moved in the food areas to free meals and qualified for the first time to serve summer lunch.  You, the board, have also asked for clarification about the types of milk that we are required/can serve.  You can see that the wellness policy covers all foods served, including that of the school store (we have) and after school snacks (we don’t have).  Our school store supervisor is aware of the smart snack requirements and has access to that tool.  We do serve both breakfast and lunch.  In the area physical activity goals, we also provide not only 2-3 recesses per day for K-6 students, but also PE for all grades K-10 with options for PE for 11 and 12th grades.   Questions about implementation can be addressed here, and will brought back to the wellness committee.

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