• The Bainville (K-12) School Board of Trustees consists of five members elected for a term of three years.  The terms are staggared.  Members are elected at large.
            Chairman Dana Berwick (2023)
            Vice Chairman Chris Hansen (2025)
            Neil Iversen (2023)
            John Gilligan (2024) 
            Tyler Traeger (2024)
      (Denotes re-election year) The board election is the first Tuesday of May.  Specific information on absentee ballots, or the election itself can be directed to Kt Northington, election administrator.


      Housing:  John Gilligan and Neil Iversen   

      Legislative: Tyler Traeger and Chris Hansen

      Curriculum & Graduation: Dana Berwick and John Gilligan   

      Negotiations:  John Gilligan and Tyler Traeger 

      Transportation:  Neil Iversen and Chris Hansen